They say one can never plan the future by the past. But we say you can always build on it. And this is the very vision of a mission that we have created; one that looks to the roots to picture the future. A future built on a unique business concept. It surely takes a towering mind to be on the top. And CREDENZA General Trading LLC., offers a platform to transform this old aspiration into a bold inspiration. In simple terms, we started where others may have stopped. We made a standard operating procedure that already existed just a bit more standardized. We made it better, by customizing it to suit the particular conditions prevailing in this part of the world. The Middle East! Every day we make sure, this customized superiority stays that way; a better service, for a better performance. To us this means business as usual. To you, it may mean more peace of mind, more commercial efficiency and certainly more value for your time.